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” If you want to give light to others you have to glow yourself”

I’m Autumn Colon a wife & mom of two from New York City.  We currently live in Brooklyn but have lived in Northern California and the DFW Texas area. Recently I have become a huge fan of working out. I love top 10 list, music, writing, natural hair care, makeup, baking things that aren’t good for me, motivational speaking and the beach! 

I am married to the most loving and supportive husband, his name is Angel! We met when I was 18 years old and its been love and war and happiness ever since. There will be time later to share that love story! 
We have two beautiful children, AJ and Brooke! 
AJ was born barreling into this world November 2010. He taught me then at 19 years old that there is no greater love than the love of a mother and child. I grew up as he grew inside of me. If you ever have a chance to know him, then you’ll know that he is the sweetest superhero! We welcomed our baby girl Brooke in August of 2013 and this little one is a firecracker. She is all sass, personality, imagination and love, my little reflection. Navigating motherhood isn’t always easy but I wouldn’t have it any other way. 
As a young family in Brooklyn, we’re always ready for a new adventure. Which isn’t always easy as a full-time work outside the home mom. We make the best of the time on the weekends and weeknight get a little messy but whats life without a little mess? 
Just a little more about who I am and some fun facts! I am a vegetarian but my household is not, I’ll be blogging about that whirlwind and what dinner looks like. I currently work in finance but my true passion is acting. I study the movies as often as I can; the wordplay, the fantasy, the craft and even the cinematography.
So what’s this blog about anyway? Why is She A Wreck? Most days that’s the truth, I am just that! I’ll be sharing how I manage my life, family, fitness, food, and inspiration motivation for women.  
I don’t believe in fear because if I did, I wouldn’t have started this blog, had my two beautiful children or the courage to pursue my passion.
About Autumn
You’ll learn about me through my posts and I hope to inspire my readers. Autumn is simply a beautiful wreck who’s taking life without fear and wrecking shit along the way! 

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