Goal Setting + Free Goal Tracker!

Every month I set out new goals, I hold myself accountable by saving them to my phone! This might seem crazy but I’m the girl who needs it in her face every day so I’ll stick to it.

Why is setting goals so important?

  • They help keep you anchored to achieve something
  • Goals give you vision
  • Short-term & Long-term motivation
  • Keeps you organized
  • Goals give you something to look forward too
  • Measurement of your progress

How do I think about goals?

Like I said before, goals keep me anchored and because of that they also give me LIFE! Goals breathe oxygen into my soul and without setting them both big and small I often see myself swimming aimlessly in the abyss. I keep yearly goals, monthly goals and even crazier I keep daily goals for fitness and home life. Every night before bed I write down what I need to get done the next day and this may seem tedious but it’s what I call a brain dump – you just put pen to paper and jot it down, this is more like a goal checklist, but it helps my scatter brain stay focused.

A Recipe for Goal Setting

No matter what the goal is, get it written down and keep it someplace safe where you can remember to keep coming back to look at them.

  • OldSchool Style- you can take a pen and paper and write them down.
  • Get out your phone and save them in the notes!
  • Be specific (use numbers, names, and timelines)
  • Categorize (health goals, fitness goals, home goals etc.)
  • Hold yourself accountable – find a way to hold yourself accountable, whether that’s telling a friend about it or even rewarding yourself for meeting the ones you keep.

My May 2018 Goals 

  • Increase my blog traffic views to 2k for the month
  • Increase my blog social media site traffic and followers to 550
  • Get my first freelance writing gig
  • Master my 1.5 min monologue
  • Attend 2 professional development events
  • Obtain an LLC for my new brand

May Goals Worksheet Printable

Feel Free to print and use this worksheet to help you get set for the month of May! Subscribe to the blog’s newsletter for more planning freebies.

What are you doing to keep your goals? Share them with me in the comments!

One thought on “Goal Setting + Free Goal Tracker!

  1. I am so going to start writing down my goals! It’s like you said, not rocket science… but it’s so hard to stay focused when you’re just going off your mental notes!! Thank you for the tips 😘

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