MiloTree: The tool that’s helping me grow!

I am new to blogging but have been able to grow my views and followers significantly within the first couple of months and if you want to increase your followers on platforms such as Instagram, Pinterest, Facebook and even grow your email list, the tool I’ve found that’s helped is called MiloTree!

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MiloTree is a smart pop-up that helps you use your blog traffic to increase your followers on social media as well as your email list and it’s super fast and easy to install.

Benefits & Ease of adding MiloTree to your site

Are you new to blogging and need that added push to grow your following?  MiloTree is perfect just for that in so many ways and if you’ve read my blog post about my blogging lessons, then you already know setting things up can often take a lot of your time. However, setting up the MiloTree smart pop up is super easy to do. After setting up your popup on the MiloTree site it’s a simple download of the MiloTree plugin on WordPress and you’re set, if you’re not using WP you can find access to how to install it on your site here.

Do you have multiple social sites you use to manage your blog? You can add the platforms easily and in one place!

Customization of colors and how it appears on your site is easy to set up for each link type.

See your analytics in a simple and easy Analytics Dashboard, here is where you can see what MiloTree is doing for you and your site.

Still a little skeptic about trying it out? The one thing I loved about trying it out is that there is a 30 Day Free Trial which is fully functional and gives you the best in class way to grow your following and social site visitors. By using the free trial and watching your analytics, it’s a great way for you to see whats happening and if it’s worth a shot and because it’s completely free for the first 30 days you have nothing to really lose by trying it out!

I’ve only been using this service for about 90 days and so far it’s been worth a try for me and growing my following!

I hope this helps you.

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