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May 11, 2018Autumn

Are you new to blogging? Looking to get started or just want to find ways to start making money from your blog but don’t know where to look or start? Then I suggest you begin to look into affiliate marketing as your first stop.

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This post is to share with all of you who have blogging and earning some coins on your mind that ShareASale is by far the largest and best affiliate program out there. ShareASale is a host of two types of people (Merchants & Affiliates), as a blogger you’d be the affiliate. As an affiliate, you are basically earning a small or sometimes big percentage or fixed amount from the traffic that’s driven to a merchants site by a link you provided. Setting up an account with ShareASale to start earning and becoming an affiliate partner is super easy & quick and I’ll show you how!

Getting Started- Sign Up For Share A Sale 

Visit the site at ShareASale and simply sign up for the program. It’s really just that simple, you will find on your monetizing ventures that some companies expect you to have a certain following to be approved for their affiliate program but ShareASale is one that doesn’t and this is great for beginners.

Finding & Applying to Merchants 

Now that you’ve got an account and you’re all signed up for the ShareASale affiliate program your world is now open to the hundreds of merchants hosted there. Now all you need to do it find them, (you can search by keywords & categories) join the program, read and agree to their terms and wait to be approved. You have free reign to apply to any and all kinds of programs to promote on your blog. You can choose to stick with your niche which I highly recommend for new bloggers or you can range out and promote products you truly love and believe in.

Read the Terms! 

Do not forget this very important step when you sign up for any merchant programs. You want to make sure you have the best chance of being approved so read the agreement terms. Once you do this you’re almost done!

Managing Merchants

Once you’ve applied to a program you will get an email that it’s being reviewed. Most of the programs will give you a response within 24-48 hours.  All programs that you have applied to will appear in your merchant dashboard. Navigate to this section by clicking the account button at the top of the site and selecting (Managing/Leave Programs). In this section, you can see the status of the program, funds and leave programs if you wish. The dashboard on ShareASale is very user-friendly and is a great way to see everything all in one place.



Promote the Programs

You’ve signed up for ShareASale, you’ve been approved and now you’re about ready to start making some coins.  There are a few ways to start making money from the programs, you can get banners and add them to your pages. Banners are clickable images that you can place on your blog on pages and within a post that will link readers to the products of your merchants. Another more in-depth way are text links, text links can be used as hyperlinks in posts that you create. Using the text links in a post is great and if you truly believe in the product that you’ve affiliated with then I strongly recommend creating a full dedicated blog post about a product from the merchant and using both a banner and text links within your article. It is perfectly okay to use the text links in random posts but you will see more buy-in from dedicated posts that highlight the products, feature a tutorial or even photos with you using the products and giving a full review. 

You’re all set…but

You don’t want to run into any legal trouble so make sure in any post, tutorial or product review that is going to include affiliate links that you place a disclosure at the top of the post. You can do this right under your very first photo or even above it, this is legally required of you and is fairly simple to write out. You can see an example of one at the top of this post, you want to make sure that you are compliant with the law and your readers know what’s going on so make sure you don’t cut corners on this end!

Are you ready to start making money from your blog? Using this top program will give you access to change up how you earn some extra cash from your blog. I hope this helps and if you have any questions about getting started just let me know!

Recommended Blogger Resources
This site is built with love and hard work with the use of many great products and resources. Here are some links to some affiliates that I use on this site that I hope can be helpful to you also.

Tailwind - Busy mom life calls for pin scheduling and I use tailwind to pin all my blogs on a set schedule every day. Since adding this to my promotional strategy I have seen an increase in website views as a whole.

Siteground - After doing lots of research, I found self-hosting to be the best way to go. Siteground is known for its super fast support, speed, and security all of which are essentially important for having a great blog site.

Wordpress - Although I use a self-hosted site Wordpress is the platform that my blog is also run on. Siteground has the WP admin dashboard and has been great and easy to use. If you're not ready to self-host yet you can still get going with Wordpress at a great startup cost.

ShareASale - This is an affiliate network that houses that can help to increase your sales, develop your brand, and generate interest in your site, here is a blog post where I wrote all about it.

Grammarly - This is the best writing tool you’ll use ever. I am no grammar nazi so I am grateful that Grammarly exists for me to be able to keep my writing professional and proofread. You can also read more about Grammarly and how to use it here.

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  • Phill Slater

    May 13, 2018 at 3:33 PM

    Some very useful info here. Hopefully one day my blog will have enough traffic to make this kind of thing worthwhile.

  • Kimberley

    May 14, 2018 at 4:12 AM

    Im fairly new to blogging and I had no idea what kind of affiliate programmes were out there or how to join them, so thanks for sharing!

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