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June 7, 2018Autumn

You don’t need to join a gym to get set for achieving your fitness goals. There are so many ways you can build a gym at home and start achieving your goals right in the comfort of your own living room, garage, basement or wherever you see fit. I’ve put together a comprehensive list to Build a Gym at Home for Under $100 + I will include an exclusive discount code for She’s A Wreck readers at the end!

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If cardio and outdoor running isn’t your thing but you are ready to step up your gym game then I hope this list will help you achieve your fitness goals. Whether you are working with lots of open space or a broom closet I aim to provide a little bit of everything.

Foam Tiles

Protect your floors and your joints by starting your home gym out with some interlocking floor mats. These floor mats piece together a protective exercise floor anywhere you need for only $20.99. The foam mat tiles provide an impact-absorbing space for working out, and a durable surface for equipment that covers 24 square feet. I use the floor matting from Prosource but you can find a similar item here.


The best way to start strength training at home is to ensure you have a few dumbbells around. Sometimes I want to add a little weight to my regular exercise routines whether I am working on triceps or if I want to add them to my squats Prosource offers a range of weights from 1-12 pounds for as low as $9.99 so your weights grow with you as you get stronger and won’t break the bank. All the dumbbells here have a comfortable neoprene coating to ensure a non-slip grip.


If you are anything like me then you’d love a good kettlebell swing! Kettlebells are great for swings and thrusters and I like mine a little bit on the heavier side because that pushes me to really strengthen my muscles. You can do so many different kinds of exercises with these weights including deadlifts and overhead presses, so these versatile bells are a perfect addition to your gym and only at $10.49 from Prosource. Similar ones can be found here.


Stability Exercise Ball 

The good ol’ exercise ball or some people call it a yoga ball, it can be used in so many ways. Use this ball priced at only $14.99 for the 55cm to develop core muscles and overall strength, increase balance, and improve posture. If you need tips on how to use the ball here are 7 ways to exercise with your stability ball.  My favorite ones to do are the ball crunches and the ball pass they both have been great at helping me to lose the stomach weight. Here I offer my 5 tips on losing 50 pounds in 6 months.

strength and toning equipment

Resistance Bands

Have you tried resistance bands yet? I was first introduced to the bands when I was in physical therapy for my neck and bank and after learning more about the usage and what it can do to strengthen the muscles I made sure to always keep them handy.  The bands are ideal for both rehabilitation, activation, and strengthening of the leg, hip, and glute muscles, especially those that don’t always get worked in a typical strength-training workout. Their small, lightweight design takes up almost no space in your gym bag, making them great for travel and at-home workouts. What’s also great about the ones here is that you get 3 levels of resistance for the low cost of $9.99 and that’s a steal!

Foam Rollers 

A foam roller is a great recovery and mobility tool! I learned about the need for foam rollers the hard way. I had been exercising on a frequent basis and taking normal rest days but I quickly got a cramp in my front thigh muscle and couldn’t put a strain on the leg for weeks! Someone told me about the benefits of using one before and after a run and since then I make sure to keep one handy.  There are many options to choose from with the lowest at $9.99 here so you can begin to see the added benefit of using one at home as well.

3 Benefits of the Foam Roller
Increases range of motion for better short-term athletic performance
Improves blood circulation and warms muscles before a workout
Reduces perceived pain and DOMS (delayed onset muscle soreness) post-workout

Push- Up Bar 

I cannot do a push up perfectly to save my life! I am not afraid to admit that truth because it’s my reality and I am not afraid to say so. These Push-Up Bars at only $9.99 provide an elevated position, allowing you to work the chest, triceps, and other upper body muscles in a more full range of motion. The cushioned handlebars also alleviate the stress that standard push-ups put on wrist joints, so you can take your workout to the next level without wrist pain. I hope to one day not need a push- up bar but these are perfect for the beginner and your home gym. Similarly, you can find other options here and here.


Core Sliders

Flat Tummies have always been an aspiration of mine so I had to add in Core Sliders! Here are some useful ways to use them at home on carpet or hardwood flooring. These sliders are small & compact perfect for the home and on the go, Not only are they a fun way to mix up your routine, but they force you to engage your core as you perform both basic and complex exercises and the price can’t be beaten at only $7.49!

Jump Rope

The final item on the list is the jump rope and it’s also the lowest priced at $5.99 here! This might not be the best for small spaces but it’s so lightweight you can take it in your bag and use it outdoors or anywhere you would like. Jumping rope is a great form of cardio exercise for any fitness level and I love my cardio, with lightweight plastic handles that are easy to grip and won’t tire out your arms. The cables are even adjustable for varying heights.

So there you have it, a whole gym full of equipment for under $100 ready for you to start ticking off them goals one by one. If you would like some tips on setting goals + a free printable I wrote about it here and I get personal with adding my own goals every first of the month.

She’s A Wreck Discount! 

I told you there would be a discount in the end! Use the code “wreck15” when ordering any of the above-listed items or any items on the Prosource site excluding apparel to receive an additional 15% off the best price!


That’s right! On top of all the items equaling under $100 dollars, you can stack on the code to get an additional 15% off plus free shipping on all orders over $39.00

Added Bonus – Do you have the room?

Do you have the room for larger items in your home? Read up on the best stationary bikes of 2018 to get you moving and grooving right at home.


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