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August 26, 2018Autumn


As a new blogger, it’s often hard to get lost in what you should and shouldn’t be doing to get started on your blog. There are a lot of blogging tools out there to get started and to run a successful blog but I have a few that I use daily or on a weekly basis that I feel have been beneficial for me. My favorite blogger resources are some that you may already be using and some that may be new to you.

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Web Hosting 

There are key elements everyone should be aware of when starting a blog, and if you are serious about making money from your blog then it’s essential that you set-up a self-hosted site.

Web Hosting

I use Siteground as my web host, for an in-depth review and tutorial on signing up for Sitegroundgo here! One of the main reasons that I went with Siteground is because of the 24/7 support and site speed. Have you ever been to a site with a very slow load time? Siteground is great for optimizing your site for speed, and any questions you may have they are always there to offer the best support.


Your Email Provider 

If you have a self-hosted site then you will get an email address included with your yearly service. On Siteground, you will get access to an email linked to your @domain name which is great and useful to make you stand out as a professional site.

However, with the host provider email, you are limited to using whatever email service provider they choose which isn’t always the BEST. For the first few weeks, I used mac mail (which is included) but because I love to use Google Resouces I have since upgraded to a Gmail business account for only $5.00 a month.

I believe for less than a venti frappuccino this is worth it and a must for me. Gmail has an app that is easy to use and very mobile friendly. In addition to the email, you will have access to over 100GB of space in the google drive, calendaring and a host of other Google apps.

Email List Provider

For me personally, I like the user-friendly options of Mailerlite Starting out it’s a great provider for newbies and it’s completely free to use as well. There are tons of resources to show you how to use it, with everything from creating your opt-in to tips on the best email marketing best practices.

Social Media 

Pinterest -Pinterest is an online resource board that can be used to grow your traffic immensely. It’s not just an idea board, and plenty of businesses are using it to grow their online presence. I have had great success in using Pinterest to grow my blog online. If you are serious about building traffic to your site in fun, creative and easy way Pinterest is a great starting point.

Instagram – If you’re a blogger or aspiring influencer than you are likely already on Instagram. I am on Instagram as often as possible. I use it to connect with other bloggers and influencers and use it also grow my reach. Having an online social reach is important in this industry if you want to utilize your social media to make money.

Facebook / Facebook Groups – I use my facebook page to stay connected to my target audience that still uses the platform. You want to make sure you start out by having a FB business page and use it to promote your blog, products or business.

Another useful way to use Facebook are the groups! There are maybe thousands of blogging groups to choose from. Within these groups are blog support and engagement threads which is useful for promoting your brand and blog online. You can join my newly created facebook group here!

Join Now to Stay Connected

Twitter – I must admit that I was not on Twitter for a very long time because I did not think it would be useful at all but I was wrong. Followers and non-followers use this platform to share blogs and get out quick information fast.


Tailwind – I have no idea how I would pin as much as I do without this tool. This is by far in my top 3 tools that I use, sign up for free and use it to help you seamlessly set up your pins.  I attribute 90% of my success on Pinterest to using the tailwind tool. I initially signed up for the free trial and instantly started to see success in my Pinterest and blog traffic and because of that I signed up for the yearly plan.

Tailwind Visual Marketing SuiteI would highly recommend giving it a try risk-free and then formulate your own view! But for me as a busy mom and entrepreneur, I find it to be super helpful to set up my pins for the week or two in advance and let it do the work for me. If after your free trial with Tailwind you are ready to purchase, the monthly cost is only $10.99 and with that, you get UNLIMITED PINS!

Here are some stats I’ve seen since beginning to use Tailwind

Planoly – Although Tailwind has an option of Instagram scheduling I actually like the ease and use of Planoly better than that for Instagram. It has an auto schedule option and has both a free and paid option with a host of cool features.

Writing & Planning 

Grammarly – I am not a grammar nazi by any means so I must use something beyond your normal spellcheck in order to make sure my writing online has a professional presence & tone. I truly believe that Grammarly is the best grammar tool out there and have a full review here

Setting Goals & Formulating a Routine – If you are anything like me than you make sure to set goals on a monthly, weekly and even a daily basis. I’m adamant about making sure I use my Goal Planner daily and weekly to set myself up for success.

In addition to setting goals with my planner, I also use a morning routine which I truly believe has set me up for success every day.


ShareASale – If you’re not into affiliate marketing then you are missing out. I use ShareASale to sign up for a variety of programs that are applicable to my niche. See here how you can sign up and use ShareASale to make money from your blog.

Heartbeat – If you are using Instagram to monetize your blog the Heartbeat influencer marketing tool is great to get started with working with brands. The app is great for beginners and seasoned professionals and will help you earn free products and get paid for postings.

Amazon Affiliates – As an Amazon Affiliate you are able to turn everyday products you love and talk about into sales. I use this program in a variety of ways and pretty much in any blog post I write about. There are several options including search, related products, and native ads!

In addition to the normal Amazon program, I also love to utilize my Amazon Influencer Store to get my readers to buy products that I love. If you have readers, followers, or even your friends and family use the store option to set recommendations on your favorite products.


Canva – I don’t know where I would be without my CANVA, aside from WordPress it’s probably my next tied for #1 use. I use this for everything. You can create design elements like blog graphics, Pinterest graphics, IG story highlights, business cards and more!



Are you a blogger? What are some of your favorite blogging resources and tools that you cannot go without?

If you want to get started on your own lifestyle blog this guide can help you with honest resources and tools!

Recommended Blogger Resources
This site is built with love and hard work with the use of many great products and resources. Here are some links to some affiliates that I use on this site that I hope can be helpful to you also.

Tailwind - Busy mom life calls for pin scheduling and I use tailwind to pin all my blogs on a set schedule every day. Since adding this to my promotional strategy I have seen an increase in website views as a whole.

Siteground - After doing lots of research, I found self-hosting to be the best way to go. Siteground is known for its super fast support, speed, and security all of which are essentially important for having a great blog site.

Wordpress - Although I use a self-hosted site Wordpress is the platform that my blog is also run on. Siteground has the WP admin dashboard and has been great and easy to use. If you're not ready to self-host yet you can still get going with Wordpress at a great startup cost.

ShareASale - This is an affiliate network that houses that can help to increase your sales, develop your brand, and generate interest in your site, here is a blog post where I wrote all about it.

Grammarly - This is the best writing tool you’ll use ever. I am no grammar nazi so I am grateful that Grammarly exists for me to be able to keep my writing professional and proofread. You can also read more about Grammarly and how to use it here.
Blogging Tools you need to use now! Maximize your blog with these tools and tips #bloggingtips #newblogger #bloggingtools #bloggingresources #blog #lifestyleblog
Blogging Tools you need to use now! Maximize your blog with these tools and tips #bloggingtips #newblogger #bloggingtools #bloggingresources #blog #lifestyleblog

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  • Nessy

    August 30, 2018 at 8:56 PM

    I love Pinterest! Most of my traffic comes from that site. 😉 And I’m not even using scheduling my pins. I just do them manually (for now.) And I also use Mailchimp for my opt-ins. I love that it’s free for the first 2000 subscribers.

  • Amy

    August 31, 2018 at 8:25 AM

    As a new blogger, I really appreciate the tips! Thanks! 🙂

  • Angie

    August 31, 2018 at 2:24 PM

    Yes! I use most of these and they’re so helpful!

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