Fun Family Halloween Costumes

August 20, 2018Autumn

Halloween comes once a year! And what kind of cool mom would I be if I didn’t let the kids have the time of their lives dressing up as their favorites every year? With the release of the Incredibles this summer it’s finally a year where I feel like I might want to dress up as a family of four with a theme. These 5 fun family Halloween costumes are great ways to bring a theme out for trick or treating this fall.

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Here are some of my favorite costumes for the kids over the years, the kids always choose whichever costume they want and it almost always a tv or movie character and that’s fine with me. Do you and your children dress up every year?

Shopping for Halloween costumes are always on our fall family bucket list, but hubby and I never join in on the dressing up, because it’s not OUR thing. But after 7 years of begging our son has finally convinced us to give it a go, so this year we will be a unit! I wanted to make sure we were going as something fun and cute so I came up with this short list of 5 fun family Halloween costumes all found on Amazon!

5 Fun Family Halloween Costumes – For a Themed Look

1. Incredibles 









Dress up as ElastaGirl, Mr. Incredible, Dash, Violet and Jack-Jack and save the world as a family this Halloween. I’m not sure how I feel about hubby in the tights but if we are going to commit we have to go all the way out.

2. Star Wars 











Star Wars lovers would love to be a set in these fun star wars costumes, with so many characters in the movie series you can really pick and choose different options for the whole family. If you’ve got a big family then get Grandpa to play Darth Vader – that would be fun!

3. Wizard of OZ 









A classic movie that I continue to watch all year round and will never get old. While the Wizard of OZ might not be the most original costume set on the trick or treat trial this year it’s still super cute and that’s why it made the list.

4. Mickey & Friends 








Who doesn’t love the MOUSE? Mickey Mouse and friends is a fun and cute way to dress in theme without all looking alike. It’s also great a group costume if you’re going out with friends and want to be silly!

5. Marvel Comics 







Express your individuality but also uniformity with a Marvel Comics theme costume this year! We are a marvel household and love every movie that comes out. You can choose your favorite movie or be creative and dress up as the Avengers!

Have you dressed up as a family theme? I love to see fun family Halloween costumes on Oct. 31 and try to snap pictures when I can. Share your photos with me on Instagram or by email – I would love to reshare the best ones I find!

Fun Family Halloween Costumes #halloween #halloweencostumes #familyhalloweencostumes #costumes #halloween2018 #familyhalloween #marvelcostumes #incrediblescostumes #wizardofozcostumes #couplescostumes #matchingcostumes #starwarscostumes #mickemousecostumes
Fun Family Halloween Costumes #halloween #halloweencostumes #familyhalloweencostumes #costumes #halloween2018 #familyhalloween #marvelcostumes #incrediblescostumes #wizardofozcostumes #couplescostumes #matchingcostumes #starwarscostumes #mickemousecostumes

Comments (3)

  • Jessica Goodpaster

    August 22, 2018 at 8:42 PM

    I love family Halloween costumes! The Wizard of Oz would be so cute! I need to get started on something soon…

  • Diana

    August 22, 2018 at 9:13 PM

    This is our first Halloween as a family! Technically it’s my daughter’s 2nd Halloween, but she was too little to really get much out of it last year, so we didn’t’ really bother, lol. We’re going as characters from True & The Rainbow Kingdom!

  • Laura

    September 14, 2018 at 8:37 AM

    Your little Spongebob is super cute!!! We arent big on Halloween here but I wish we were 🙂

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