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October 27, 2018Autumn

While I do love blogging I will be the first to admit that I make writing mistakes often (shocker)! In a day and age when most of everything is written in texting format when the time comes for professional writing or writing that’s not involved with messaging a friend, I have the basics down but a little support never hurt. That’s why as a new blogger, creative entrepreneur and busy mom just like you may be right now, Grammarly is the perfect writing tool you need! Are you a novice writer, a college student or a 20 something millennial searching for your first job out of college? Either way, you slice it Grammarly is a helpful easy writing tool, that can support you!

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Grammarly Writing Support

When I first started my blog earlier in the year I made a lot of mistakes for which I had to learn many lessons but one thing I knew before starting out was that spell check would be my best friend. I have a college degree and I read over 50 books a year but I’ve never claimed to be a grammar nazi because simply I am not.

Commas are not my friend and I like to write sentences that are way too long so when I found Grammarly I knew that it was worth a try! I signed up the day I wrote my first post and had a friend proofread it for me, she told me that I needed to go back and fix 50 errors! While I had all the correct spelling I missed a few commas, semicolons and I even had a few fragmented sentences.


I knew then that it would be best to find a tool that could help me in a more efficient way than having a friend read everything I wrote and waiting to get the feedback. At that moment I stumbled upon Grammarly which was super easy to download, install and use immediately.

One of the many great things about Grammarly is that it’s not just a spell checking tool like the ones we have embedded in our word processors, but it automatically reads your paragraphs within emails, resumes, articles and even social media. The program checks sentence structure and formatting on a continuing basis so you can immediately see where your errors are that need correction. Are you writing a paper or preparing your first resume? Grammarly has the ability to instantly find and correct over 250 types of grammatical mistakes, but not only that it can spot unoriginal text by checking against an 8 billion page database (wow)!

You can sign up to try it out for free here and when you fall in love and want to use the program to its full capabilities can choose to upgrade your plan at any time!

The #1 Writing Tool

I don’t ever promote products that I don’t use, haven’t personally reviewed or haven’t fallen in love with! So whether you’re a novice writer or finally getting your fictional vampire series off the ground Grammarly is the tool you’ll need to make your process just a little bit easier.

Have you ever had any writing woes or any type of struggles in your writing? I would love to hear from you and your experiences, drop a comment below or contact me here! Trust me I won’t mind an email even if it’s just to say hello!

Recommended Blogger Resources
This site is built with love and hard work with the use of many great products and resources. Here are some links to some affiliates that I use on this site that I hope can be helpful to you also.

Tailwind - Busy mom life calls for pin scheduling and I use tailwind to pin all my blogs on a set schedule every day. Since adding this to my promotional strategy I have seen an increase in website views as a whole.

Siteground - After doing lots of research, I found self-hosting to be the best way to go. Siteground is known for its super fast support, speed, and security all of which are essentially important for having a great blog site.

Wordpress - Although I use a self-hosted site Wordpress is the platform that my blog is also run on. Siteground has the WP admin dashboard and has been great and easy to use. If you're not ready to self-host yet you can still get going with Wordpress at a great startup cost.

ShareASale - This is an affiliate network that houses that can help to increase your sales, develop your brand, and generate interest in your site, here is a blog post where I wrote all about it.

Grammarly - This is the best writing tool you’ll use ever. I am no grammar nazi so I am grateful that Grammarly exists for me to be able to keep my writing professional and proofread. You can also read more about Grammarly and how to use it here.

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Comments (4)

  • Jessie Synan

    May 31, 2018 at 9:34 AM

    Getting this pronto, that is awesome!!! Thanks for sharing this!

  • Erika Lancaster

    May 31, 2018 at 9:38 AM

    Great article! I’ve been using Grammarly for a few months and it is very helpful! I love that, once it is installed, it helps you all throughout different pages simultaneously. I’ll definitely be upgrading once I start monetizing my site.

  • Pam Collins

    May 31, 2018 at 9:44 AM

    Thanks for sharing this info about Grammarly. I have heard of it, but haven’t taken the leap yet.

  • Nicole Stone

    May 31, 2018 at 10:39 AM

    I use to have so many struggles with my writing when I started. My sentences would be too long and too complex. However, they have improved greatly since I started using Grammarly, and also from losing freelance deals!

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