Review: LIC Gantry State Plaza Playground

July 18, 2018Autumn


LIC Gantry State Plaza Playground is a hidden gem located in the borough of Queens. This park is absolutely one of our all-time favorite parks to go to, we love so many things about this place and the kids are excited to share with you how they feel about this hidden treasure.

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Mommy Interview – Kid’s POV 

Mommy: What’s your favorite part of the park?

A: I love that we get to run around and play in the grass, that’s my favorite part.

B: Ummm, the swings!

Mommy: What’s your least favorite part of the park?

A: It’s not big enough, the slides aren’t big enough to slide down super fast.

B: Too many people on the swings so I can’t stay on long enough.

Mommy: What should they add to the park to make it better?

A: The playground should not be separated, make them together for a bigger better play area.

B: Add more swings and more twist spinners.

Free Opinion

A: This park and playground are so big and fun to play in but I want to have bigger and bigger slides. I love the rock climbing wall and the thing (suspension ropes) that we can climb on and get to the top. Sometimes other kids jump on the bottom while I’m at the top and that’s a little bit scary but I’m 7 now so I’m very brave! Looking at the water and ducks is so cool because we never get to see them that much at other parks, and there is always ice cream here. I can’t wait to come back!

B: The rock climbing and swings are so much fun to play on at this park! When I had my birthday here and we played in the sprinklers that was awesome mommy, can we do that again? The soccer grass is always fun to run all day but I get tired and need to rest a lot, but I like when we can get the lemonade to drink too. 



Mommy’s POV 

This is a great park and playground to play in for kids and even some great relaxation places for parents or nonparents. This momma’s pov will be in list form cause that’s how I roll, I’ll try and give you the low down on all the things we as parents worry about.


  • Two Different playgrounds
  • Soccer grass tuff
  • Open Grass Area
  • Many Benches, Seats, Recliner Chairs spread out throughout the park
  • One playground has sprinklers
  • Street Food is accessible
  • Ferry to Manhattan
  • Tables for reservations for birthday parties, events etc.
  • Library nearby
  • Plenty of child-friendly restaurants nearby
  • Amazing city views
  • Quiet
  • Picnic Area (No BBQ)
  • Sand Play Area
  • Fun for all ages
  • Basketball courts
  • Exercise Area


  • Often overcrowded on the weekends
  • No swings in one of the playgrounds
  • Food is overpriced for items such as fries, hot dogs etc.
  • Not close to public transportation

Overall, we love this park and we go all year round. The sprinklers are on in the summer and the fun doesn’t stop there, we hike it here even in the winter and fall to get some amazing views, great food nearby and to enjoy all the playground and park has to offer. A & B gave it 4 stars out 5 but not because we don’t absolutely adore it, the kids love this playground and park but each playground is different and we find it tiresome to leave one area and go tot he next just to get on the swings. I highly recommend grabbing ypur blanket, picnic food, and drinks, taking a turn here and making a day of it.

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This park is a hidden gem to me because it’s hard to find and tricky to get to if you aren’t in a car. It’s easy for us to get here because we drive everywhere but we’ve hosted a birthday party in the park one year and many of our patrons complained about getting there by subway. You can use this site here to plug in your location to find directions or use this quick guide to help you find your way.


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  • Sam

    May 22, 2018 at 4:54 PM

    Girl Thanks to you we love that park 🙂

    1. Autumn

      June 18, 2018 at 12:23 PM

      I’m glad you guys love it. It’s such a fun place

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