Motherhood: New Level Unlocked

October 8, 2018Brittany Chatman

Where shall I begin? Let’s see — I’m a MilSpouse [military spouse] and a mother of three. The ride juggling these roles has been adventurous so far — but not free of challenges. As a bonus mom and wife, I had so much to learn in so little time — weaning off the binky, potty training, learning how to do hair (interesting to say the least), dealing with hormonal teenagers, and still trying to find time to be a normal person. Did I mention this was all happening at once?

So, let’s fast forward to the present day. Just when I thought I had it all together, the unthinkable happened. My husband got reassigned to another base — total bummer. We made the difficult decision that the kids and I would stay behind since this would be his last assignment before retirement. I was so focused on making sure he was assured we would be good that I forgot to assure myself. The truth is, I didn’t know how I was going to do it — and I was terrified.

The first year seemed like a funhouse mirror…I felt like I kept running over myself and that I was getting nowhere fast. At the time, we had had two teens and a three-year-old — ish got REAL. I had help because my parents live close but it definitely wasn’t the same as having him here. It also didn’t help that my workplace wasn’t exactly understanding of the situation.

About a year in (yes, a whole year), it finally clicked.

“It’s like a switch went off and a new level of motherhood was unlocked.

I ended my pity party and started being more intentional with the things I needed to do. I hosted Thanksgiving for the first time EVER, experimented more with the girls’ hairstyles, spent more time with the lone boy in the house, planned better so we could do more things outside of the house, AND got better at cooking more regularly. Oh, did I mention we were planning a wedding through all of that too? Mommin’ like a boss!

Now I’m at a point where I’m able to do all of those things simultaneously…and do them well. Everyone in the house seems to be a lot happier — hubby too. It’s funny how when you have no choice but to be great that you do just that — be great. I don’t know about you but many times I find myself randomly singing around the house…and it seems like my random songs typically reflect my mood. My mood yesterday was Alicia Keys’ “Superwoman”. Why? That’s how I felt and it was a much-needed tribute to myself.

My saving grace was accepting that it’s okay to not have it all together. Once I honored those feelings, I was able to achieve more than I ever imagined — and that’s the important part. So, if you’re a mom and juggling what seems like a million things at once, remember this —

“You are superwoman too…and it’ll all work out in the end!

Brittany Chatman is the owner and curator of Chat With Bee, a chic blog that captures her thoughts on topics her followers can learn from.  She started Chat With Bee to have an outlet where she could encourage others and share her advice and thoughts on various topics. As a wife and mother of three, you can only imagine how much she has to share. In a few short months, Brittany has captivated her audience with posts on motherhood, self-discovery, lifestyle, and even tasty recipes. Coming to you from the Sunshine State is Brittany’s hope that Chat With Bee can brighten your life in many ways!


Unlock Motherhood #motherhood #selfcare #momselfcare

Unlock Motherhood #motherhood #selfcare #momselfcare

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