My Favorite Water Bottle

March 25, 2018Autumn

As much as I boast about hydrating and how important water has been helpful in my weight loss journey, It’s only right that I share what my favorite water bottle is. I use a custom water bottle, made by my dear mommy friend over at Mrs MaryMak. There are many options and colors to choose from, I’ve had two of these in the last two years and still have both of them!!

*This is not a sponsored product review, it is simply a review of a product I love and use*

I need a lot of guidance and a lot of reminders so a bottle with a tracker helps me stay in check. I usually finish 2.5 full bottles a day and sometimes more when I do a lot of running.  I like that this particular bottle has times of the day and where I should be at.

If you’ll learn anything about me, you’ll learn that I am a geek in disguise. I am totally obsessed with all things fantasy and that includes magic! I love Harry Potter and I’m strung out on all things Game of Thrones, so when I had to choose a design for the front I went with a very popular Tyrion Lannister quote! If you have something else in mind for your design, there are tons of cool quotes and designs to choose from or ask her about a custom design through the contact shop option.

Let me know what you think of the product, leave a comment below or send me a note.

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