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June 18, 2018Autumn

On Saturday it was the perfect day to head out and get exploring so we decided to try a playground with a splash pad and it was a great idea. This Tutus & Superheros Review is of Harmony Playground located in Prospect Park Brooklyn.

Harmony Playground is located right at the edge of prospect park near the 11th street entrance and Prospect Park West. This playground is surrounded by lots of grassy areas which makes it the perfect spot to spend the whole afternoon. After playing at the playground find a quiet spot on the grass and settle down for a picnic in the park!

Tutus & Superheros Review

Mommy Interview – Kid’s POV 

Mommy: What’s your favorite part of the park?

A:  The sprinklers.

B:  Umm… the sprinklers mommy.

Mommy: What’s your least favorite part of the park?

A: There were too many kids waiting for the slide.

B:  The slide because it was too hot and it burned my butt. And I had to put water on my butt from the sprinklers.

Mommy: What should they add to the park to make it better?

A:   A jumpy house!

B: I think, water slides because it’s more fun and makes me go fast.

Free Opinion

A: I liked this park because it wasn’t too far from our house and it had lots of things to do. There was little kids section & big kid section which is cool. The musical parts of the jungle gym were great to use when we were taking a break from the water.

B: I only liked the sprinklers and the swings because the slide was too hot for me. I  liked that I could get an icee after.

After all that playing I could only get one kid to smile, they were totally beat. 

Mommy’s POV 

This is now one of my favorite playgrounds to bring the kids too, its located right in the heart of ParkSlope Brooklyn with easy access from trains. The water features are great for cooling off on a hot day and there is fun for kids of all ages. This momma’s pov will be in list form cause that’s how I roll, I’ll try and give you the low down on all the things we as parents worry about.


  • Giant metal musical notes hold vertical pipes so kids can play them like xylophones
  • Splash Pad
  • Baby Swings
  • Toddler Jungle Gym
  • Sandbox
  • Big kids jungle gum with twisty slides, tunnels, and a wobbly bridge
  • BBQ area right outside the park
  • Restrooms located within the playground
  • Close distance to public transportation


  • Metal Slides = HOT HOT HOT!!
  • Crowded on weekends


Harmony Playground is located at 64 West Dr, Brooklyn, NY 11215. This park is perfect for all the fun you’re looking for and I love that its super easy to find at the foot of the 11th street entrance.  You can plug in your location here to easily to find directions or use this quick guide to help you find your way.

Even I was convinced to run through the sprinklers!

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