10 Things I learned My First Year Blogging!


My first blog post was published on March 11, 2018, and it’s been a wild, crazy adventure full of lessons, gains, and losses. In celebration of this day, I want to share 10 things I  learned my first year blogging.

Reflecting on She’s A Wreck: Three Hundred & Sixty-five Days Later

When I started this blog I thought I had a sense of direction but I had no idea how much real work it takes to run a blog and grow a brand.

In the first few weeks, it was painful but I pushed through and wasted a lot of money on things I didn’t need. I developed my site on my own and taught myself some coding and designing skills along the way.

For me, the first 6 months in itself was all about taking baby steps and teaching myself any and everything that I could. I am grateful now when I look back at those moments because when I thought I would break, I pushed through.

I thought that this blog would be a place I dropped random stuff that someone would maybe read and it’s turned into a resource for women to look for tips on raising kids, some motivation, a sprinkle of fitness and a whole lot of self-love and care.

I hope you enjoy being a reader of mine whether you only keep up with the blog and newsletter or you’re apart of my Instagram or Facebook community, I am so glad you’re here.

10 Things I Learned My First Year Blogging

  1. Have a clear vision statement
  2. Consistency is queen
  3. Content is everywhere
  4. Remain true to who you are
  5. Not every offer is for you
  6. Planning will help you in aligning to your vision
  7. Rest when you need to
  8. The discipline you learn when working for yourself will pour into other areas of your life, making you stronger & pushing you further.
  9. Speak directly to your audience & community
  10. Plan & Schedule Content

The Social Connection

Growing my blog brand quickly turned into the need for growing my brand and my social identity online as well. In just one year I was able to go from 0 followers to now over 3700 as of March 11, 2019.

Building a community of women online in order to inspire them with my stories, tips, inspiration and family life has always been my main goal. And by utilizing social media I have been able to accomplish just that. It’s easy to get your friends and family to buy into your brand and messaging but to connect with complete strangers just takes being a blogger and influencing to another level.

Instagram is just one element of my brand but I’m so happy to have all of my IG family. I’ve met life long friends on the platform and I’ve been able to grow through my transparency with the audience and looking forward to years more! Ayyyeee ♥️

Where are we going next? 

In addition to continuing to build them, She’s A Wreck community I will launch my podcast and wellness & fitness mom community with my business partner and friend titled ” Well Fit Mama“. This brand is a love child born for my love of health, wellness, fitness and encompassing all that with life as a mom.

As a subscriber to the She’s A Wreck newsletter, you will continue to get your soul notes from me on Fridays and freebies all year long.

This year I will be focusing on bringing products to the She’s A Wreck community that aligns with my love of food, nutrition, women’s wellness, and motherhood. My first book will be written and hopefully up for sale in the next few months, and finally digital & physical products will soon be made available for purchase.

On social media, you can expect to find more content that empowers you all year long.

Here’s to another 365 – Grab your Anniversary Freebie Below!















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