Why She’s A Wreck?

Why “She’s A Wreck”?

We’re all just trying to figure this motherhood thing out! 

I am Autumn and at the end of 2017, I thought why not start a blog AGAIN? I had done this before as more a journaling blog before my son was born, but since then so much had changed in me and in my life and I wanted to share that.

So my first thought was… What the heck will my blog be about? I wanted to draw on the experiences I was facing in the moment. I had been working 10 hour days, spending my Friday nights looking for things to do with my two silly kids and husband and had been taking hundreds of pictures of my weight loss journey. There were many nights that I just had to hold on to my own internal motivation to keep going, but friends online kept saying how perfect my life seemed. I thought, if only they knew that almost every night I am a complete wreck and slowly just trying to keep my life together. With everything from parenting, clean eating, working out, being a great wife, and juggling a career amongst it all, I knew that this was something many women must be feeling and alas “She’s A Wreck” was born.

I wanted to be successful and happy without sacrificing who I was, but in the new digital age, the stereotype to be a self-sacrificing & perfect wife, mom, or simple woman is constantly put in our face. After not being able to find mothers who share the nitty gritty realness of motherhood, or to connect with any fitness “gurus” with no gimmicks attached, I created “She’s A Wreck” to fill that gap and hopefully reach an audience that’s just like me.  

Dismantling the Super Mom Stereotype

Super Mom looks real different to each and every one of us! Far too often lots of moms always think they need to do it all and think that motherhood without perfection cannot exist.

Motherhood isn’t just what you see online as a collection of Instagram posts, Facebook videos or snapchats of the perfect days and perfect moments. Appearances make it seem like I have it together and trust me I don’t! I’m a wreck most days and there have been many nights my kids ate Cheerios for dinner but we’re happy and we make the best of it all.

This lifestyle blog is meant to share my journey of motherhood, share my love of food (savory & sweet), provide weight loss tips and exercises, show you some of my favorite curly hair tips and always give advice & encouragement to my readers. I hope to empower all women who might often feel that their 100% isn’t enough. I’m here to tell you that it is, and if you feel today that it isn’t then tomorrow is another day!

Learn more about me and my family here!

I hope to make you laugh, inspire you and bring you easy-going tips and experiences.

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